Is Global Warming an important issue to middle school students, and how will your project change their thinking about Global Warming?

well i think that the middle school should change there globl warming project what i like about the globl warming project we all get to do our own project they should do one to we all love it this is a fun class room this is one of the most funist thing to do we should put the project in the wiki the globl warming project to do we all love it i love this class why because mr rezac lets us go on the google earth the google earth is so much fun mr rezac is a fun teacher to have and when i come to the middle school next year .

Category : Global Warming Damage

Title : Pollution affects the World

Pollution is something man is to blame for. It is damaging everything that is on our planet.

Map Point #1
Title : The Damage to The Great Barrier Reef
Location : Australia

Global warming is causing billions of dollars in damage to places we swim and to the fish in the sea. The Great Barrier reef is about to die because of the warmer water temperature. well what i think they sould do is do more mail and do more gardage more often they do a great job at doing gardage it more beter then mail i hait when peaple thown out gardage out the window my family haits its i hait it more

Map Point #2
Title : The Snow looks Dirty
Location : The North Pole
external image 2919044269_ca4628b610.jpg?v=0
The soot from fireplaces and smoke stacks around the world is being carried by the wind and landing in the Arctic and the North Pole. All this soot in the Arctic turns the ice black and makes it melt. It also makes the water warmer and the weather worse.

Map Point #3
Title : Pollution from the Animals
Location : Puerto Rico

Believe it or not the cows are causing damage by going to the bathroom, because the rain takes the poop and washes it into the streams and lakes and ponds. Thousands of feet of cow poop is polluting the La Plata River in Puerto Rico.

Map Point #4
Title : Pollution from the Air
Location : China

Big nations like China make lots of pollution that fall back into the oceans making the water go bad. Even some things we do everyday like
throwing out our garbage can go into the air and land in the water.

Map Point #5
Title : Coral Bleaching
Location : Southeast Asia

There is a place called the Coral Triangle that is dying because of the water getting too warm. This is what I read is called coral bleaching and it is killing 3.4 million miles of coral.

Map Point 6#
Title : Plastic in the Water
Location : Hawaii

Plastic is being thrown into the ocean and is hurting the animals and the water. There is a floating garbage dump near Hawaii that is polluting and killing the fish and water.

Map Point #7
Title : Pollution caused by Rainfall
Location : United States of America

The rain is taking the fertilizer we use to feed the grass and putting it into the lakes and rivers. This pollution is destroying the water we drink.

Map Point #8
Title : Hurricains and Rising Water
Location : Bahamas

The ocean is rising so much that it is going to cover the islands in water. The ice in the Arctic is melting and causing the water to rise. Pollution is making warmer water which also hurts the Bahamas with more Hurricanes.

Map Point #9
Title : The Trees are not our Friends
Location : Canada

Because of pollution the forests in Canada are catching on fire more often and sending more pollution into the air. The forests use to be our friends by giving us air and now they are not our friends anymore.

Map Point #10
Title : Flooding in Our Cities
Location : New York

Global warming is causing the ocean to rise and the water may go into our cities like New York and Miami. I read that the water may rise 4 inches in ten years.

Map Point #11
Title : Polar Bear Not Around Anymore
Location : Russia

Because the ice is melting from pollution the polar bears are losing their homes. They are also getting sick and skinny from having the ice melt and losing their food.

Map Point #12
Title : Penguins Disappearing
Location : Antarctica

The penguins in Antarctica are dying with the ice melting. Lots of different animals are not going to be here anymore because of Global Warming.