The most polluted cities, according to the short-term particle pollution measure are:

1. Pittsburgh - New Castle, PA---Up to 125 million Americans are breathing air that puts their health at risk. The report shows that dozens of U.S. cities and counties regularly have unsafe levels of particulate and ozone smog pollution. Such pollution is a risk factor for worsening illness in people with asthma and other diseases but could also pose risks to healthy people.

2. Los Angeles - Long Beach - Riverside, CA
L.A. also saw solid improvement in levels of ozone or smog, a gas formed most often when sunlight reacts with vapors emitted when motor vehicles, factories, power plants and other sources burn fuel. Los Angeles, despite being ranked highest on two of the three most-polluted lists, saw continued improvements in air quality, dropping its year-round particle pollution levels by nearly one-third during the last decade.

3. Fresno - Madera, CA
Being Hispanic and living in the San Joaquin Valley in California can be dangerous to your health. In fact, simply breathing in this area, one of the country's richest agricultural regions, is as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and for Hispanics, who live in the midst of some of the worst pollution, those cigarettes have no filters.

4. Bakersfield, CA

5. Birmingham - Hoover - Cullman, AL
6. Logan, UT - ID
7. Salt Lake City - Ogden - Clearfield, UT
8. Sacramento - Arden - Arcade - Yuba City, CA - NV
9. Detroit - Warren - Flint, MI
10. Washington - Baltimore - Northern Virginia, DC - MD - VA - WV

The Damage

Title: The Top 10 Polluted Places In America

Welcome to my map story. I will be taking you to the top ten polluted places due to short term particle pollution in America.

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Is Global Warming an important issue to middle school students, and how will your project change their thinking about Global Warming?

Yes, global warming is an important issue to middle school students because none of us want poor animals to die because of the polar ice caps are melting. I think that my project will help change the minds of people because now they know that people do care about global warming. This will also change the minds of people because now they will know where they need to focus on the most because of how polluted some places are. The people that see my project will tell other people, and they will tell other people, etc... and eventually a lot of people will care about global warming.