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Title:the iceberg problem:global warming, terror to sea life and cold life in the north pole
Introduction: welcome to my wiki. this is about the damages of global warming and whats going to happen if the icebergs.theseplace will show you whats going on with the enviroment.If wedont ake care of our world were going. This page is a little bit about people or animals causing damage or victims of the damage.

This is where all the damage of global warming happens,with people littering wasting gas spilling oil and smoking.This is where people cause most of global warming.

Antartica:this is the place where all the icecaps are being killed which is caused by terrible people all around the world. Mabye because of global warming we may cause some animals to go extinct.

Hershies: this is where an industry makes heat which melts the icecaps and kills sea animals. This is because the smoke helps create the greenhouse effect.

Linden,China:This is the worst pulloted place inthe word right now. Bacteria laced water and garbage at every turn, this place is a wake up call for germs.

Indonesia: its one of the worst littered and polluted countries it has garbage lined waters and also garbage every where. This another horrible vacations for germs.

Kabwe,Zambia:This is the tenth worst place in the world of pollution.This place is because of lead mining.

La Oroya,Peru: This is one of the ten worst polluted places.This is one of the worst places because of the revolution industry and creates smoke.

Vapi, India:One of the grayest spots on the Earth because of industry. This place has air pollution written all over it.

Dzerzhinsk, Russia:Another industry but this one is in Russia.This smoke is the cause of the icecaps melting and all the life that lives in the poles dying.

Chernobyl, Ukraine: this the third worst place on the map.This place is polluted by toxins and nuclear waste. Ewww, I wouldnt want to live their.

Conclusion:These are some of the place which are getting destroyed or destroying we saw a couple of places which are being destroyed. We also saw some places which are being destroyed. If we just stopped a couple of places then we can stop killing animals to.

Yes its an important topic because if WE dont take care of our planet then it'll be US who will have to live in it. It will be a lot of garbage if we dont take care of it and it will be us who killed the planet and who ruined the world for another generation. So think about that and thank you for taking the time to see my Google Earth tour and reading my paragraph.