Q : Is Global Warming an important issue to middle school students, and how will your project change their thinking about Global Warming?

A: Yes, it is an important issue to middle school students because it's a major problem for the WHOLE world, not just the adults. We all live on the same planet with the same problem, so we should ALL care and want to help. It will change their thinking about Global Warming because before they see our project they might just think global warming is not going to do anything serious, or they might think there's no such thing as global warming, or they might have never heard of it before(very unlikely, but still possible). But after they see our project, they might start to become more concerned about it and want to help stop it, or they will find out that global warming IS real, or they will learn about it for the first time and then want to help. Basically, anyone who sees our project should want to help after seeing it because it should get the message across that: "GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL AND A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM SO YOU NEED TO HELP STOP IT!"


Taking Action

Title: 5 Ways Others Are Helping Global Warming and 5 Ways You Can Help

Introduction: Welcome to my map story. During my tour I'm going to show you ways others have been taking action, along with some ways you can help too. Remember, even a little effort makes a difference.

Map Story Point #1:
Title: Small Town, Smart Idea
Location: Vandergrift, Pennsylvania
Vandergrift, Pennsylvania may be a small town, but it came up with a great idea for saving energy. It's using the nearby Kiskiminetas River to hopefully generate about 20%-40% of the town's electricity. I got this info from:

Map Story Point #2:
Title: Cars - An Alternative
Location: Toyota Car Dealer in Arlington Heights
Think about how much people all over the world drive every day. That's a lot of driving, and it's also very bad for the environment. An alternative is for people to switch to cars called hybrids. Hybrids use an advanced new technology so that they go for more miles on less gas. Here's a picture of an example of a hybrid car. I got this info from:

Map Story Point #3:

Title: Trash Made Useful
Location: St. Lucie County, Florida
St. Lucie County, Florida has come up with the great idea of turning trash into gas. They are going to use plasma technology to convert useless trash into something helpful. I got this info from:

Map Story Point #4:
Title: Your Yard - Reduce It's Size!
Location: Atrium in Deer Park
Here's a great, easy way to help global warming, reduce your yard size. You can do this by buying and planting shrubs or beds. I got this info from:

Map Story Point #5:
Title: Nuclear Energy
Location: Braidwood Nuclear Power Plant, Illinois
The Braidwood Nuclear Power Plant is generating a great amount of energy. It's making energy for Chicago and northern Illinois. I got this info from:
Map Story Point #6:
Title: Weatherstripping
Location: Home Depot in Lake Zurich
A great idea for saving energy is to seal up windows so that heat can't get in or out. You can get the materials to do this at a store like Home

Depot. I got this info from:
Map Story Point #7:
Title: Green Community
Location: Prairie Crossing, Illinois
Prairie Crossing is an environmental community that uses environmental friendly energy sources. It's school, Prairie Crossing Charter

School even has a solar panel! Here's a picture of part of the school. I got this info from:
Map Story Point #8:
Title: Energy Efficient Electronics
Location: Best Buy in Deer Park
A good way to save energy is to buy energy efficient electronics and appliances. You can get them from a store like Best Buy. I got this info from:
Map Story Point #9:
Title: LED LIght Bulbs - Great Electricity Savers
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina started using LED bulbs instead of the high-pressure sodium bulbs they were using before. The LED bulbs are brighter and use

40% less electricity than the old ones. I got this info from:,28804,1602354_1603074_1603111,00.html
Map Story Point #10:
Location: New York City, New York
New York City, New York is doing something great to help global warming, they're recycling. Recycling is good because the energy used to recycle items is

only a fraction of the energy needed to make another object, which means it saves energy. I got this info from:

As you can probably now tell, there are many ways you can help global warming and also many ways others are already helping. Think about how dramatically the world

could change if everybody in the world would pitch in and help stop the damage global warming is doing to our beautiful planet. If you want to help too, you can follow some of my
suggestions, or look up some others. Overall, I think people will appreciate any effort anyone makes, no matter how small because everything you do to help counts.