Is Global Warming an important issue to middle school students, and how will your project change their thinking about Global Warming?

Global warming is an important issue to middle school students in many ways. My project will change them into thinking that they can help their school communities. They can help in many ways such as recycling, and encouraging their school board to install wind turbines or other stuff that can help the planet, such as an alternate energy source. Middle school students will also learn that they should reduce their carbon footprint. They will learn that they can make a difference!

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Welcome! I hope you learn about human activity that impacts the planet. Keep in mind- many things impact the planet,
and not just these listed.


Title: Human Activity- Polluting Our World
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Introduction: Welcome to my map story! You're going to go on a trip to places that changed the planet (AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY)! People are trying to do things to help the planet, but the bad things WAY overrule the good things people are trying to do. Pollution is bad for the world, let alone our environment.

Map points

1) Title: Goodbye Trees, Hello Paper
Tribune Inc.(many destinations, using one in Chicago,IL as example)
:::::: The Tribune helps global warming in many ways- but not a good way! One of the ways is that their factory gives off pollution, and the other way is
that machines have to cut down the trees the Tribune uses.(See Amazon Rain Forest) Machines pollute the air that we live in, and heat up our planet. The Tribune is only one paper company.... Not to mention it's small compared to the other ones..

2) Title: Pollution By The people.... For the People?Kraft Foods (many destinations, using one in Winnetka, IL as example) :::::: Kraft's Foods factory releases heat into the air. Many stoves, and other machines are needed to make the foods. Kraft's Foods is only one food company out of many, but all of them together create the dying of our wonderful planet.

3) Title: The Car, The People, The Planet Ford Motor Company (Many destinations, using one in Detroit,MI as example) :::::: Ford makes cars that create pollution. Over half billion people drive Ford cars. But wait! Ford isn't the only guilty car industry.......

4) Title: Chopping Down Trees Like There is no Tomorrow Amazon Rain Forest (South America) :::::: The Amazon Rain Forest now has a shortage of trees because of humans. There, people cut down the trees for paper with machines. Not only is it affecting the rain forest, its also affecting the rest of the planet! 1,000 machines working 24/7 affects the world more that you might think.

Title: California? Polluting My Planet?! Welcome to California! As you might notice, (see data below) 16 out of 30 of these cities are in California. Lets take a look at Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles isn't looking to good! Lots of cars, factories, and people in one place equal extra pollution!

Top 10 most polluted US cities
(By short-term particle pollution)

1) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2) Los Angeles, California

3) Fresno/Madera, California
4) Bakersfield, California
5) Birmingham, Alabama

6) Logan, Utah
7) Salt Lake City, Utah

8) Sacramento, California
9) Detroit, Michigan

10) Baltimore, Maryland / Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California

Top 10 most polluted US cities
(By year-round particle pollution)

1) Los Angeles, California
2) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3) Bakersfield, California
4) Birmingham, Alabama

5) Visalia/Porterville, California
6) Atlanta, Georgia
7) Cincinnati, Ohio
8) Fresno/Madera, California
9) Hanford/Corcoran, California
10) Detroit, Michigan

Top 10 most polluted US cities
(By ozone)

1) Los Angeles, California
2) Bakersfield, California
3) Visalia/Porterville, California
4) Houston, Texas
5) Fresno/Madera, California
6) Sacramento, Californi

7) Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
8) New York City/Newark, New Jersey
9) Baltimore, Maryland./Washington, DC

10) Baton Rouge, Louisiana

6) Title: People Equal Roads,and Roads Equal Trouble Ontario (Canada) :::::: Highway 401, located in Canada, is one of the longest, and busiest roads. Many cars take this road to and from work and school. No doubt there that that is a lot of pollution!

7) Title: Action to be Taken! Texas :::::: Texas is also being called one of America's top polluters.
Texas City refinery released three times as much pollution in 2004 as it did in 2003. Texas, one of countries biggest polluter, isn't doing anything to take action.

8) Title: Wait! Here? Chicago :::::: Our very own Chicago is killing our nation. Right now , the fine particles are varying between low and medium. This may not sound like much, but it is by cities standards.

9) Title: Steel Steals Earth's Beauty Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania :::::: You may also notice from the data , (above) that Pittsburgh is also a top contributer to global warming.
Pittsburgh, a former steel-making center once known for its sooty skies, is the worst U.S. city for short-term particle pollution.

10) Title: Our America, Our Problem America :::::: All together, America is a big contributer to global warming. We shouldn't blame it on a few states alone; but we should blame ourselves. Cars, carbon-footprints, factories, and a lot more is part of our daily life.

Closing: I hope you learned about what causes global warming. These are only some reasons out of many. People are to be cautioned that drastic actions have to be taken. The fate of the world is in our hands.

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