Americas Contribution:

Title: How does Global Warming affect the earth.

Title: What present of cars does the to the earth.

Introduction: Welcome my map story! I also hope that you in joy this presentation too!

ANSWER: I think that my map story project will affect the world and saving the people,places, and things. I think that my map stories will have a big effect on the middle school kids when they see it because of what i explain,and what pictures I show them. I think that the middle school students will start to think about Global Warming different because they probably start recycling paper, and what ever they need to do if they care about the world. :)

Map Point 1: In my first part or my tour I will take you to Antarctica.
external image polar-bears-540x380.jpg
That is what is happening to polar bears in Antarctica just because of Global Warming. If you look at the very white spots around the polar bears is white ice. This is what is happening to Antarctica right at this second, the ice is melting and polar bears are dieing.

Map point 2: In my next tour I will take you to the United States Of America where we live. Springfield the capital of Illinois.In Springfield, there are alot of pollution factories. The pollution in the world is the main reason why the earth is getting ruined.