Title:What auto mobile's produce the most pollution

Title:The top the auto mobile's
that produce the most pollution

Introduction:Hi welcome to my global warming project. Im going to show you what your cars are doing to our world,animals,&us
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Map point #1
Title:Polar Bears
Description:Did you know that polar bears are strugling to live.The pollution in this world is taking away all the ice.

Map point #2
Title: There is too much pollution
Location: Los Angeles
Description: When you look up you see all the pollution. that's not right.

Map point #3
Title: pollution harming animals
Description: People are dropping there waste on some poor animals. That's just wrong!

Map point #4
Title: Making our air bad
Location: Las Vages
Description: In Las vages its hard to breath there's so much pollution

Map point #5
Title: Are kids in danger?
Location:New York
Description: Kids all over the world could be in serious danger do to pollution.

Map point #6
Title: Is the pollution affecting the economy?
Location: Spring Feild
Description: Is it possible that pollution is effecting our economy? IF SO HOW CAN YOU HELP?

Map point #7
Title: Pollution affecting the rain forest
Location: Carolina
Description: more trees have died this year because of pollution. HELP STOP YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Map point #8
Title: Pollution ruining our Lives
Location: Canada
Description: Pollution is ruining our lives. Is that what you want?

Map point #9
Title: Cars using up our air
Location: Pittsberg
Description: The cars are using our clean air. We need that to live.

Map point #10
Title:The economy is dieing
Description: Our Earth is Suffering Save it. WE live in it. Protect it!

CONCLUSION: We are damaging our home.We need to protect it, not destroy it. So help out and make our home a better place for animals,and people everywhere. Because I sure want a
cleaner world,don't you? So think about making our earth cleaner,happier,healthier,and a better place for people to live. Well thanks for reading my report. D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D