The Damage

Is Global Warming an important issue to middle school students, and how will your project change their thinking about Global Warming?

Reflection: Yes, global warming is an important issue to middle school students because none of us want poor animals to die because of the polar ice caps are melting. I think that my project will help change the minds of people because now they know that people do care about global warming. This will also change the minds of people because now they will know where they need to focus on the most because of how polluted some places are. The people that see my project will tell other people, and they will tell other people, etc... and eventually a lot of people will care about global warming.

KMZ File:external image x-zip.png Tour of the 10 most polluted places in america.kmzexternal image x-zip.png The Story of 911.kmz

References: , , , , , , .

Yes its an important topic because if WE dont take care of our planet then it'll be US who will have to live in it. It will be a lot of garbage if we dont take care of it and it will be us who killed the planet and who ruined the world for another generation. So think about that and thank you for taking the time to see my Google Earth tour and reading my paragraph.

KMZ File:external image x-zip.png damages of the world.kmz


Reflection:well i think that the middle school should change there globl warming project what i like about the globl warming project we all get to do our own project they should do one to we all love it this is a fun class room this is one of the most funist thing to do we should put the project in the wiki the globl warming project to do we all love it i love this class why because mr rezac lets us go on the google earth the google earth is so much fun mr rezac is a fun teacher to have and when i come to the middle school next year .

external image x-zip.png my introduction.kmz


KMZ File:


  • hurricanes
  • tornadoes
  • tsunamis
  • 9-11
  • pollution
  • greenhouse effect
  • terrorists

  • iraq
  • mulan
  • china
  • U.S.A
  • australia
  • italy

  • kick
  • punch
  • bodyslam
  • head butt
  • dyeing
  • slap
  • whap
  • pow
  • ka boom
  • hit

  • indonesia
  • hurricanes in the ocean
  • war in iraq
  • guns
  • pollution
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Project Overview: Your Page on the Mapcasting Project will include:
  1. 4 Sections: A 3-paragraph introduction, a Mapcasts Section, Another Section that you define, and References list.
I've changed this, what I would like now is everyone to add one paragraph in front of their map, answering the question:
Is Global Warming an important issue to middle school students, and how will your project change their thinking about Global Warming?
References are still required.
  • _ at least two sentences per map point of accurate information.
  • _ at least 10 pictures or embedded videos borrowed and cited from the Internet.
  • _ Quotations or in-text citations for each map point, telling us where you got your information ("According to")
  • _ a references section or Works cited section showing all the websites that you used for information.
  • _ at least 5 sources per person for the entire project including books, Internet web sites, magazines, TV shows, radio interviews.