I think Global Warming is important to Middle School Students. Because if this disaster happens then they wont know how to prepare for this disaster. But if they learn about it then they'll be able to be up against some tough situations. I think my project will change how they think about Global Warming because they will know more about it and if it happens they'll know what to do!

here is my map tour...(look at conclusion!):


Title: Fire, damages our world

Title: Fires that causes global warming

Introduction: Welcome to my tour about FIRE! Fires that constantly damages our world and causes global warming.

Map point:#1
Title: Earth under fire
Location: The world
Description: The earth is suddenly changing temprature. Because the core of the earth is gaining heat and causing forest fires and global warming. I got this from:

Map point:#2
Title: Amazon fire wars
Location: Amazon
Description: The Amazon fire season had stopped but a few still remains. Some people just recklessly burn down forest for farming areas. ans some use them to conquer land. fire can be useful but sometimes it can get out of control. I got this from:

Map point:#3
Title: Fire on the mountain
Location: California
Description: forest fires can be really dangerous, over 500,000 of people homes got swept away by forest fires. Forest fires can increase the chances of global warming the earth. I got this from:

Map point:#4
Title: Global warming feeds on fire
Location: North American desert
Description: Global warming feeds on fire by destroying forests with forest fires. Almost half of the desrt got swept away by fires in North America. I got this from:

Map point:#5
Title: Causes of global warming
Location: Everywhere
Description: Climate change can really effect the world. If climate change happens then the world would be half destroyed because of global warming. I found this at:

Map point:#6
Title: Forest fire, and climate change
Location: Everywhere
Description: Forest fire are caused by one thing CLIMATE CHANGE! Scientist think that if climate change continues to get worse the world would be dieing each day, month, or year. I got this from:

Map point:#7
Title: Global warming
Location: Everywhere
Description: If this climate change keeps on happening then more people will die everyday. By illness of climate change of coldness and hotness. I found this at:

Map point:#8
Title: Wild fires
Location: San Diego
Description: The fire wildfires preventers can hold it out for more longer. Each day wild fires start and they are trying to prevent them from happening. I got this from:

Map point:#9
Title:Melting glaciers
Location: Alaska
Description: Glaciers are melting because of climate change. Scientist believes in the next 12 years all the glaciers in the world are gonna melt. I got this from:

Map point:#10
Title:Getting into the act for global warming
Location: Everywhere
Description: If the glaciers melt because of global warming then terrible thing will happen. Tsunami's, earthquake's, or volcano eruption's will happen once the glaciers have melted. I got the from:
Conclusion: There I hope you enjoyed the tour about global warming!

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2nd map points
3rd conclusion